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“Hollowell demonstrates talent and courage, taking on a town that’s as tough for beginning novelists as it is for aspiring actresses.”
NY Times Sunday Book Review

“Hollowell perfectly captures the humor and the horror inherent in Birdie’s climb toward fame…her novel’s lush, biting language makes it worth the read.”
The Rumpus

“Hollowell tells her story with compassion and humor in this beautifully executed debut novel.”
NPR: Books We Like

‘“A beautiful debut…It’s the kind of book that can give you hope when things aren’t turning up the way you hoped. The main character is so funny, but also flawed and very realistic.”

‘A shimmeringly written novel. Each chapter feels like a series of slim, pared-down character studies; every set-piece scene has been polished like a jewel.’
The Buffalo News

“Hollowell’s words make even ordinary traffic light bulbs glow like nebulas…brilliant and sad.”
The Boston Globe

Everything Lovely, Effortless, Safe was alternately sad, melancholic, and funny, but mostly it was a vessel of truth. Jenny Hollowell writes with sharp wit and clarity and I found her debut novel to be thoroughly readable.”
The Book Chick

“In Hollowell’s hands, the oft-told tale of the price of making it reads like a Hollywood version of Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.” There’s no Technicolor ending here. The author seduces the reader into a grim interior landscape with soulful language and refuses to make it all pretty by the last page.”
Style Weekly

‘A deliciously acerbic, sobering critique of life in the biz…read it for a taste of Hollowell’s gift.’

“Using detailed prose and short, anecdotal chapters, the author has created a psychological portrait of both an individual and a city…At once witty, comic and tragic, Everything Lovely, Effortless, Safe throws the reader into the unglamorous side of Tinseltown for an engrossing read on the obsessive nature of celebrity.”

‘Birdie Baker, Hollowell’s magnetically flawed heroine, is both cruelly ambitious and deeply sympathetic…Everything Lovely, Effortless, Safe will appeal to the Hollywood set—but its subtle, searching perspective on religious transformation makes it a book for the faithful too.’
The Daily Beast

‘…a strong debut.’
Louisville Courier-Journal

Everything Lovely, Effortless, Safe introduces a strong new voice, poised and sharp, beautifully suited to both the satiric task of dismantling Hollywood, and the empathetic one of rendering a young actress’s grinding struggle for stardom.”
Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Visit From the Goon Squad and Look at Me, a National Book Award finalist.

Everything Lovely, Effortless, Safe tells us in quick, witty scenes and sharp psychological details what it’s like to be a needy spirit in a beautiful body, yearning for success. This novel is smart, spare, comic, and sad. It rings beautifully true.”
John Casey, National Book Award-winning author of Spartina

“There’s some Joan Didion here, some Lorrie Moore, some Nathanael West, but really, it’s all Jenny Hollowell, a new name to remember.”
Christopher Tilghman, author of Mason’s Retreat

“Jenny Hollowell’s writing is gorgeous and edgy, lyrical, and in-your-face. A complex, perceptive novel. Sometimes I play online at this casino zdrapki online za darmo
Sheri Reynolds, author of The Rapture of Canaan